Thunderbug’s Great Adventure at UCH

Illustration, Publishing

This is the second book in the ThunderBug book series entitled ‘ThunderBug’s Great Adventure at University Community Hospital’ presented by UCH. It was designed to educate and familiarize children about the hospital by learning about the facility though ThunderBug’s own stay at UCH following an accident playing hockey. Children and their families will have their questions and anxieties lessened as ThunderBug takes them on an informative tour of UCH. The story unfolds as ThunderBug is injured and visits the UCH Pediatric Emergency Room. His great adventure includes a MRI, X-Rays and even a surgical procedure. Readers will also follow him through his post-op and recovery at UCH. ThunderBug has his own guide, Candu the tucan, that works hard to make sure that not only ThunderBug, but all children and their families reading the book have a positive experience at University Community Hospital.